I love you
and I hate Luhan ^^

When she was little, my sister loved horses. She bought books on horses, took riding lessons, and helped out at a barn. But, most of all, she loved drawing horses. Literally every piece of paper she was ever given was covered with horses. I thought they were amazing.

But then, in elementary school, my sister began to get bullied. From second to sixth grade, she was mercilessly picked on by her classmates. I distinctly remember one day in fifth grade when she came home from school crying because the kids had written all over her desk name tag insults making fun of her love for horses, calling her things like, “Crazy headed horse lover” (or something to that effect). From then on, my sister stopped drawing horses. I was too young to remember or understand anything my sister was going through. This was the only instance of bullying my sister suffered that I can remember. But, even as a little 6 year old who didn’t understand what was happening, it upset me. I loved my sisters horses and was sad to see them go. 

But my sister kept drawing. She just drew manga styled characters instead. Occasionally, a horse would find its way into her drawings. But normally, they were just people. 

She’s in college now, and taking a sculpting class. This is what she decided to sculpt. 

I know it has nothing to do with my blog. I know it’s not amazing. I know she has a long way to go. I know that there are other, more ornate and detailed horse sculptres out there. But I wanted to share this because I’m just so proud of my sister right now. She gone through so much and conquered so many things. I never thought she’d make anything big with horses again. I thought she abandoned them forever after that incident in 5th grade. But here she is, building a horse statue, not caring what anyone thinks of her.

I’m just really freaking proud of her, ok??

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